Healthy BBQ Hacks

Wooh it’s BBQ weather! There’s nothing we love more than a good BBQ, especially in Ireland. I’m not going to rain on your shiny new patio set BUT sometimes barbecues can involve a lot of extra food which is absolutely perfectly okay every once in a while.  Continue reading “Healthy BBQ Hacks”

Elina Aleksandrova is a qualified chef. She gained her qualification from Tourism Catering College, Killybegs.  Previously have worked at the Drafthouse Gastro Pub, Strandhill and Eala Bhan Restaurant, Sligo.

When developing recipes, she’s always guided by fresh, local and seasonal produce to ensure the best quality of food. She would like to guide public in direction of diverse food and teach them few cooking hacks. 

Elina’s passion is baking and pastry. She has competed in the Food and Beverage Expo (Dublin, 2018) and IFEX (Belfast, 2018) chef culinary competitions with her novelty cakes. 

Celebrity chef inspiration: Anthony Bourdain