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Paper Seed Bombs

Paper Seed Bombs!

You will need: Seeds
Colorful paper, Newspaper, or other scrap paper
Large bowl of water
Silicone mould (optional)
Blender or food processor
An Adult

First tear the paper in small pieces.
Soak the paper in water for about 15 minutes
Have an adult squeeze out the water and place the paper in a blender and blend until it is a pulp consistency.
Squeeze out any excess water out of the pulp.
Take some pulp and create a little cup in your hands or fill the moulds up half way with pulp, pressing down firmly. Sprinkle seeds on the pulp and cover to make a ball or fill the mould to the top
Allow the bombs to fully dry, about 2-3 days before removing them from the moulds.

Once the seed bombs are dry you can plant them or wrap them in cloth and give them to someone special!