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Rubber Egg

Make a rubber egg!

You will need:
A piece of paper
A pencil
An egg
A tall glass
White vinegar
Food colouring (optional).

Take some notes, using the pencil and paper, about the parts of the experiment.

How does the shell feel?
What colour is the egg shell?
How does the vinegar smell?
What do you think is going to happen?
Are there any other observations you can make?

Place the egg in the glass, then pour the vinegar into the glass making sure to fully cover the egg. If you have some food colouring add it now. Take more notes at this point.

Is there anything happening to the egg?
If you added food colouring what colour is the vinegar?
Has the smell changed?

Keep an eye on it and take notes each day. After 7 days remove the egg from the glass, rinse it off and make some final observations.

What happened to the egg?
Was your initial guess correct?
Has anything changed, size, shape, colour, smell, etc?