Give Your Breakfast a Flavour Boost with Benefits!

Naturally Flavoured Seed & Fruit Mixes

Tasty and deliciously crunchy,  flavoured seed and fruit mixes. These nutritious Breakfast Boosters are great on porridge, yogurt or in smoothies! They also contain no added sugar, no gluten and no nuts!

Focus Apple & Cinnamon

Tasty and deliciously crunchy apple & cinnamon flavoured seeds. These nutritious, portion-controlled Breakfast Boosters provide a source of thiamine to help us focus throughout the day. They also contain no added sugar, no gluten and no nuts!

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Recharge Coconut & Berry

These Breakfast Boosters are high in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, to help recharge your body plus they are gluten-free! These seeds are a delicious mix of coconut flavoured seeds with juicy berries, providing a high fibre energy boost to your morning breakfast routine.

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  • Good4U Recharge Booster Bowl
  • Good4U Recharge Booster Recipe

Energise Cocoa & Orange

Need a natural energy boost? Look no further. These gluten free, high fibre Orange & Cocoa Breakfast Boosters provide us with a whole lotta magnesium which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Step away from the coffee!

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  • Good4U Energise Booster Recipe