The Healthiest (and Super-tastiest) Kids Snacks Around


Struggle to find a kids snack that is delicious, healthy and lunch-box friendly? Look no further! Good4U Nutriballs are made from milled seed and fruit providing a filling, nutritious snack for kids. They also contain 21% of a child’s RDA of calcium – time to stock up!

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Kids Energy Balls

These deliciously soft and squishy balls of goodness were developed by our Dietitian, Shelley with babies & toddlers in mind. Frustrated by the lack of healthy snacking options for little ones, she set about creating a portion-controlled snack with 100% natural ingredients, no added sugars and bursting with natural flavour. These little healthy ‘treats’  also pack in lots of fibre and calcium to strengthen teeth and bones too!

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  • Good4U Kids Energy Balls
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