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Veggie Protein

Tandoori Crunch

Naturally seasoned, high-fibre, gluten-free snack with fava beans, black beans, yellow peas and juicy raisins make this protein-packed snack super tasty and filling.

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  • Good4U Tandoori Crunch Veggie Protein
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Veggie Protein
Smoky BBQ Crunch

A delicious smoky bbq gluten-free snack that is, high in veggie protein. Contains giant corn, green peas, yellow peas and fava beans and is the perfect healthy, on-the-go snack.

  • Good4U Smoky BBQ
  • Good4U Smoky BBQ Veggie Protein
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Veggie Protein
Salt N Pepper

Fancy a delicious savoury snack which is high in fibre, high in plant-based protein and gluten-free? We’ve got it! Good4U Veggie Protein Salt N Pepper contains naturally seasoned edamame beans, fava beans and yellow peas. The perfect snack for busy people on-the-go or for just after a workout.

  • Good4U Salt N' Pepper Super Shot
  • Good4U Salt N' Pepper Veggie Protein
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Energy Balls

These energy balls are nut, dairy, and gluten free providing a natural energy boost on busy days. Perfect with a cup of coffee, these healthy snacks are made from milled seeds and fruit and come in two delicious flavours – Mint & Cocoa and Cocoa & Orange.

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Check out our Protein Myth-busting blog!

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Protein Balls

Good4U Protein Balls are made from soya protein crispies, milled seed and natural flavourings. High in veggie protein and does not contain nuts, gluten or dairy. A perfect protein packed post workout snack or snacking on-the-go! Available in Vanilla Crisp & Orange Crisp flavours