30 Minute Beach Workout

30 Minute Beach Workout

Why not make the most of the sunshine and trade your usual gym session for a workout on the beach? Exercising on the sand offers not only amazing views and an opportunity to soak up the sun but also it’s good for your joints and can be tougher than running on a harder surface to work up an extra sweat!
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Running for Health

Running-you may love it, you may hate it. Like me, you may find it difficult to motivate yourself to get up and just go for a run but afterwards you feel amazing! It doesn’t matter if you are a first time runner or running your 56th marathon, I applaud you. Running is such a great way to improve Continue reading “Running for Health”

Walk towards better health

Walking is good4u

Walking is good4u

Walking. Some of us do a lot of it. Some of us do NONE. I know myself when I’m stuck at a desk nearly every day I have to remind myself to get up every once in a while and move around. When it comes to 5pm it can be extremely difficult to force yourself to head for a quick stroll (especially if you live on the West coast of Ireland and it’s absolutely BALTIC!). Continue reading “Walk towards better health”

Snacks For Pre and Post Workout

Pre and Post Workout Snacks

Nutrition is extremely important when it comes to physical activity and sometimes even knowing what to eat and when to eat can be difficult. No one wants a stitch half way through a run but we don’t want to be starving either. Let’s chat a little bit about what to snack on before and after a workout.
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Good4U Myth Busters: Protein


Protein: why do we care so much!?

Every day it seems that another product is promoting it’s protein content, but why? What is it and why are we obsessed with it!
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