Mindfulness with Aoife Deane

Aoife Deane is a Mind Coach, Hypnotherapist, Mindful eating Facilitator and CORU registered dietitian, based in Cork city. She specialises in helping people overcome binge eating and overeating. Aoife’s passion comes from her own previous struggles, binge eating and yo-yoing in a 3 stone range. She has 12 years’ experience helping patients in London, Cork and online. Aoife offers 1-1 coaching and is launching her “LOVE FOOD” online course this February. For more see. www.happyweight.ie



“It’s Sunday afternoon, I’ve already overeaten soooo much this weekend. I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, keep eating & start being good again tomorrow”

Yesterday doesn’t matter, tomorrow doesn’t matter. My stomach is saying it’s nicely stuffed now🥰. If I keep eating, I’ll be uncomfortable 🥴 and there’s no need to do that to myself, because there’ll be more food later, tomorrow and forever! 🥳

Looking at other people’s figures & wishing you had them☹️ Hating & neglecting your own. Dreaming of a magic wand diet in the future that will fix it.

Appreciating & making the best of the body that you do have! Appreciating how great it is considering what you have put it through. Supporting it TODAY by listening to what makes it feel better 💪🏼 🥰 & what makes it feel worse🥵🥴, so that it can reach it’s potential 😎

“A walk might be nice, but I won’t bother because I’m starting that 7day fitness challenge tomorrow.”

Going for a little walk now is better for your body than a lifetime of thinking about something that starts tomorrow. Going for a walk doesn’t mean the start or the end of anything. Tomorrow your body might not want to walk at all or might want a massive walk. All you can ever know about is what your body wants now.

Eating chocolate & listening to your mind saying “😈Yayayayaya keep eating, finish the pack, then you can  be good again tomorrow”

As powerful as you are, you’re not going to close down Cadbury’s. So like it or not chocolate is going to be around you every.day.of.your.life no matter how many packs you finish. If your stomach is saying “I don’t feel so good after this much chocolate 🥴” be sound enough to listen. There will always be more later.

“I love bad foods and now I’ve started I’m not able to stop.”

There is no such thing as a “bad” food, every food has benefits.

Every food will taste & feel different, & can taste & feel different depending on when you eat it.

E.g I rate a Yorkie raison & biscuit is 10/10 taste & a jam doughnut is 5/10.

I love the feeling in my stomach after a lovely dinner and dessert, I’m don’t like the feeling in my stomach after I eat a whole bag of Doritos by myself.

  1. “It’s breakfast time, so I eat breakfast 😑. I usually eat more or less the same thing in the same amount. “

Sometimes I am hungry for breakfast. Sometimes my stomach is still busy (not hungry) with what I gave it yesterday, so I wait until it is done with that & hungry before I eat. Sometimes my taste buds & stomach feel nice after a sweet breakfast, sometimes they like savoury 🥰